[EXLUSIVE] Bongo Superstar Lady JayDee explains why s£x and Corruption rocks the Music industry
Lady JayDee exclusive interview Photos and Video. Get Lady Jay dee latest photos and news
Bongo star Lady Jay Dee. FILE

Bongo star Lady Jaydee explains what she went through until now a star in the music industry.

Speaking with a popular Bongo media partner, EATV, Ms Judith Wambura Mbibo alias Jaydee revealed what most female artists going through in the media or production houses.

She also advised young ladies pursuing their music carrier to be professional.

"The way you set yourself up is how one will treat you and many of the artists of this generation I work with show me a lot of respect for the way I put myself."

Joining Politics like other artists, Jaydee adds politics is part of her but she is not willing to be a politician.

Lady JayDee exclusive interview Photos and Video. Get Lady Jay dee latest photos and news

"I have never voted and my registration card was lost though most of the times during elections, I find myself out of the country. I am going to register again this year and it will be my first time voting."

Being in a marriage is challenging.

"I decided to leave the marriage because I felt it was enough for everything I went through."

"People tend to tell me I talk too much because I tell the truth. They think I'm rude but it's because I don't like contempt. To be a celeb or an artist does not mean just accusations and allegations, " she says.

What was she doing to the haters before the introduction of social media?

"Before Social Media, you could have written fake stuff and you had no part to deny, someone could write something about you and you could not deny it but for now it's good because someone can get the facts straight from you."

Between singing and writing songs, which best suits?

"When I was in school I used to sing. People used to love. I used to do more rap but later I wanted to start writing songs and found myself more capable of writing songs than singing.

Being slim does not mean its deficiency syndrome. Others were born that way. She says other just get balloon by only touching food.

"Some of their bodies are shaped so if someone touches a little food they are fat. I have also been very busy and exercised now and then. I see no reason to be with someone because there are things I can do myself."

"For women in the music industry you have to have tough skin to withstand the temptations such as s£xual corruption, powerlessness and illiteracy and that is why we are a minority in this industry."

My brothers brought much life to lady Jaydee.

"My parents were staying in Shinyanga and my brothers saw good schools in Dar es Salaam so they took me to stay with them when I was 10 years old. They never believed in music so I was making my efforts."

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