How Businessmen and Government officials turned to Coronavipreneurs after learning Pandeminocs
The Coronavirus hot tea costing Sh 4 Million in 30 days

Coronavirus is a pandemic in the developed countries while a business opportunity to some developing countries like Kenya.

Today, some businessmen have learnt graphs of Pandeminocs and converted to Coronavipreneurs eloping from Tenderpreneurship.


Kenya received about 20,000 testing kits, 100,000 face masks, swabs among others equipment from Jack Ma and Alibaba first-round donations. The ministry got the same on second-round donation as well. Which later got lost at JKIA as investigations stalled.

Equity Group CEO James Mwangi donated Sh300 million as a personal donation.

Mastercard Foundation provided Sh500 million while Equity Group Foundation, the bank’s philanthropic arm contributed Sh300 million.

The World Bank donated Sh5 billion while Danish Ministry of Development Cooperation donated 22 million Danish Kroner (Sh232.83 million).

$78 Million from the European Union, another $50 Million from the World Bank and another $1.23 Billion in emergency funding from the IMF bagged.

Co-op Bank, Devki Steel Mills each donated Sh100 million.

Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited has donated Sh40 Million.

Zhejiang Business Association Kenya, an association of Chinese business owners in Kenya donated 70,000 face masks.

Narendra Raval Guru was the first Kenyan billionaire to support the emergency fund after donating Sh100 million worth of oxygen masks to all government hospitals.

United Bank for Africa, Kenya, has donated Sh15 million, through the UBA Foundation.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board approved the disbursement of Ksh.78.3 billion ($739 million) in first emergency funding to Kenya.

Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB) donated 140,000 Made-in-Kenya masks to Kenyan healthcare workers along with KSh 10.5 million donations.

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) PLC donated Sh20 million.

United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) committed $6.6 million (705 million KES).

The United Kingdom invested up to 2.6 Billion KES in the African Union's new 'Africa anti-COVID 19 Fund' where Kenya is a member.

The government of Denmark boosted Kenya’s fight against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) with a Sh 3.2 billion donation.

Bamburi Cement Limited committed Sh15.6 million.

Bamburi Monies to COVID -19 photos

Pwani Oil said to provide 60,000 bottles of freehand sanitisers.

Kenya Pipeline Company, East African Breweries Ltd and Pwani Oil said they would be supplying public hospitals with hand sanitisers.

Kiambu County received a shot in the arm in its fight against Covid-19 after over 50 companies made donations over Sh135 million.

These are just a few of donations and grants to the Government in the fight against COVID-19. The list goes on and on.


A KTN team visited Mbagathi, Kemri and KNH and found no tests being carried out unless one paid Sh5,000.

From a quick calculation in two days of 11th-12th July, Ministry of Health has given figures of between 1000 and 4000 tests carried out "in 24hrs."

This is an average of 2500 samples. 2500*5000=12,500,000. Equivalent to Sh12 M on 11th July.

On 12th July the ministry announced 7050 tests in the last 24hrs. Meaning 7050*5000=35,250,000. Meaning Sh 35 Million.

Remember, Sh 5,000 now is the minimum in Public hospitals but there are some hospitals charge up to Sh 15,000.


According to the Star Media, A key government official says she made a killing during the Covid-19 pandemic through dubious deals.

She is currently buying a house in a foreign country just in case the scandal breaks out and she needs somewhere to run to. She says, other officials are also procuring properties abroad in case things get worse after the Pandemic.

The same trend is believed to be in County Governments. Governors procure and install ICU beds with spare oxygen cylinders at their private homes. This is just incase the hospitals get overwhelmed their family are safe.


" Mbagathi hospital officials are lying about tests being available. I fell sick yesterday, presenting symptoms and had to get a test. Went to Mbagathi, they don’t do tests. You pay at Mbagathi then you go to Lady North Hospital to get the test done" Ms Mitchie Tuva.

" However, On top of that, they’ve halted the tests at Lady North due to lack of capacity. Called Kemri and Lancet, the same thing. They have an incredible backlog and had halted tests. What next? Went to Avenue hospital to receive care, the test cost Ksh 13,000 and was the only place, " Bashiri said.

" I could get the test done at the time. Insurance clearly stated they’re not covering COVID-19 tests. 13,000 out of pocket.. how do they expect people to afford that? And the process before they put you in isolation? Ghai. They’re overwhelmed, " he added.

However, Ms Mitchie Tuva urged the public to wear a facemask if you do not have less than Sh 10,000 per person just for testing.

" I had a lot of time that I spent in the waiting room before they put me in isolation to run tests and be away from people. It’s already HECTIC at 10,000 cases and we’re still rising. Anyway, turns out its just pneumonia and I’ll be okay. Please stay safe, WEAR YOUR MASKS, " she added.

" I went to Agakhan and they charge 13100. At least they put you in a tent outside to wait for the test. Luckily it was just paranoia and was negative but people around me were coughing and It was just, " Shantel said.

With the numbers expected to peak in the coming month, there are fears that Kenya, whose airspace and roads have already been re-opened after lifting of following cessation of movement orders, might go back to being shut down.

Coronavirus Corruption in Kenya


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