Minnesota wearing the swastikas on their faces
Minnesota, Walmart couple. FILE

A couple spotted over the weekend wearing Nazi flags as face coverings at a Walmart in Marshall, Minnesota, are temporarily banned from visiting Walmart facilities, the company spokesperson confirmed to local media.

The official said they handed a one year after the two customers were reportedly assigned trespass notices from the local police department over the Saturday incident.

In a social media, a viral video footage Saturday prompted a backlash online, a man and woman could be seen wearing the swastikas over their faces while going through a checkout line at the local Walmart.

In the video, the couple gesturing at people off-screen who told them they were “sick” for the display, with the woman in the video flipping her middle finger at the other customers.

“You’re sick. You have an illness. You can’t be American and wear that mask. You cannot. We had a war about this,” Benjamin Ruesch, a customer said.

“If you vote for Biden, you’re going to be in Nazi Germany. That’s what it’s going to be like,” the woman with the Nazi flag says.

“You’re wearing a Nazi flag right now,” a woman off-screen tells her.

“Yeah, ‘cause socialism’s gonna happen here, right now, in America,” the woman added.

“We strive to provide a safe and comfortable shopping environment for all our customers and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any aspect of our business,” the Walmart company said.

"We are asking everyone to wear face coverings when they enter our stores for their safety and the safety of others and it’s unfortunate that some individuals have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to create a distressing situation for customers and associates in our store,” it stated.

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