Mogadishu stadium re-opened official on Somali Independence day by Somali President Farmajo

Somali new statdium photos and video
Mogadishu stadium re-open after being closed more than a decade ago. FILE

Mogadishu Stadium re-opened after 16-years wait. The 65,000 Seater Stadium in Somalia is back to life after civil unrest and occupation by various forces saw the 1978-built stadium falling into disrepair.

The $250,000 renovations at the stadium made it better than before a decade ago.

The Stadium has opened a new dawn in Somali after a long battle of civil unrest with the Militants in the country.

The Stadium was opened on the Independence day, 1st July, by the President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed popularly known as Farmajo.

Photos of Mogadishu stadium in Somali, Somali stadium photos cute

The citizens for the first time in the past 16 years celebrated their independence at the new stadium officiated by President Farmajo.

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