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Will Smith and his wife Jada. FILE

Jada Pinkett Smith reveals on her chat show in a heart-to-heart with husband Mr Will Smith that she did have a relationship with rapper August Alsina after an entanglement.

On the red Table Talk show, the actress said that the relationship resulted while the couple separated.

“We were over. From there, as time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement with August.”

Mr Smith then pushes her, saying “An entanglement? A relationship.”

“I was in a lot of pain and I was very broken,” she countered.

The pair have been married since 1997, have two children together, and said they are currently back together after a split.

The couple wanted to do the show to clear up rumours circulating in the media over an interview August Alsina recently gave to a radio morning show, The Breakfast Club.

The rapper said he had been in a relationship with Pinkett Smith and that Smith had given the affair his “blessing”, leading to speculation that the Hollywood power couple were in an open marriage.

“The only person that can permit in that particular circumstance is me,” Pinkett Smith said.

“I could see how he would look it as permission because we were separated and I think he also wanted to make it clear that he’s also not a home-wrecker. Which he’s not.”

" I have not spoken to him for years,"  she added.

“I just wanted to feel good,” she replied, as her husband nodded sympathetically. “It had been so long since I had felt good.”

Now the couple is back together, Pinkett Smith said they had reached a place of “unconditional love”.

Towards the end of the interview, Smith told her: “I’m gonna get you back first.”

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