As Kenya closes it's infection rate to 10,000 marks, new research claims that the country could be in more serious danger. 

The COVID-19 cases in Kenya are now nearing the 7000 after 268 more people tested positive On 2 July 2020.

Health CAS Rashid Aman said the country now has a total of 6,941 cases of the new coronavirus.

A new report from the Kenya Medical research institute(KEMRI) indicates that almost 2.7 million people in Kenya have already contracted the disease.

One out of five people in Nairobi and Mombasa has either contracted the disease and recovered or is still with the disease.

The main reason is that only people who are infected and affected by the disease have underlying conditions.

But there is another group who are infected but not affected by the disease because of having strong antibodies that fight the virus.

These asymptomatic cases have steadily increased. The government, however, resolved to have home-based care. 

From the data sample shown from the infected people in Kenya, the number of people placed under-surveillance team is enormous thus creating a need to raise an alarm.

" From the previous graphs, one infected person could have contracted the disease with five others, " indicates KEMRI Chief research officer, Prof Elijah Martim Songok

" By the time he or she realizes that he or she has contracted the virus, already another five people have been infected by him/her, " Prof Elijah Songok added.

"We followed the graph and we discovered that almost 3 Million people could have contacted the virus in Kenya by 30th, June 2020. "

" Worries are to the asymptomatic cases. Because they may end up affecting the entire estate without themselves knowing or being affected directly by the disease because of their strong immunity, " he said.

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