Trending video of the Juja man who died on Coronavirus photos too
Mr Charles Chege brother to the deceased. FILE

The taxi driver dies mysteriously in front of a medical clinic seeking services. The Juja taxi driver died while hooting in front of Hospital gates in a video that sparked fears.

The man was identified as James Maina.

The controversy death grabbed the eyes of many, at a time almost every move and incident is considered suspicious.

In the video posted on social media on Monday, three people in white suits and other protective clothing are covering and zipping up a man in a body bag.

A fourth man, with a hand pump, approaches the group and sprays a car parked nearby.

The car James Maina used to operate as a taxi. 

To many residents, what was being zipped up in the bag was a living Covid-19 patient. The truth, however, is that Maina had died in the car's unknown illness.

  Locals became wary when they found the car with mist on its windows on Sunday morning.

“I used to drive the car before he took it. When people saw it, they thought I was the one inside. I began receiving calls at 6 am but went back to sleep,” Mr. Mr Charles Chege brother to the deceased said.

“The number of calls increased. When I finally picked up the phone, the caller said some people were attempting to break the car windows.”

He added that Maina’s death is mysterious as he was not ill. 

“He was working normally. Maina may have been going home before curfew time and dropped by some joint for a drink. It is probably at this time that he began feeling sick,” Mr. Chege said. 

According to witnesses, the vehicle was seen speeding with lights on, before being found where it was parked on Sunday.

Residents said the vehicle also hooted frequently and the security guards at the hospital may have dismissed Maina thinking he was drunk. That was around 8 pm on Saturday.

Maina then collapsed in his seat with a foot on the clutch and appeared to have fallen asleep and died.

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