CS Healthy Mutahi Kagwe on daily Coronavirus briefing
CS Healthy Mutahi Kagwe on daily Coronavirus briefing. FILE

You have a choice of either to live or to die, its either you chose to keep away from crowds or die with the crowds, the police will not interfere, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has said.

"Nobody will look after you. Take responsibility now. We opened because we believe that Kenyans can take care of themselves. The ball is in your court," he said.

Kagwe said whether Kenyans are safe or not has been passed to individuals.

"This responsibility is clear and not difficult. We learned a long time ago what you can do so as not to get AIDS. Now we have told Kenyans how not to get the coronavirus," he said.

Kagwe said that as Kenyans travel around the country, people should at least wear masks and keep social distancing.

"This is a new phase altogether. Ask yourself, do I have to enter a crowded place if I can get Covid-19?" he professed.

"If you know that in a market place, the person selling you commodities does not care about Coronavirus. Why buy there? Why buy cabbages from a person who is not wearing masks?"

Kagwe said Kenyans have a choice, adding that when Kenyans travel upcountry, they take shopping to their relatives but noted that masks and sanitizers should now be included.

"Carry masks and take it to them. Among the things you will take to them is a mask and a sanitizer and keep your distance," he said.

Kagwe said if politicians call for a gathering, a person does not have to go.

"You have a choice, no policeman will tell you to attend. This idea that the police will help must come to an end," he said.

"With the easing of restrictions, we cannot look to the police. We cannot deploy a police officer for each person," he said.

Kagwe said Kenyans must adhere to the preventive measures.

"Talking about this measures might be boring and uncomfortable. However the virus has no cure, neither is there a vaccine," he said.

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