Every village and learning Institutions will be connected to fresh water in Vihiga by 2022 -Governor Ottichilo


Vihiga water project


Over 200,000 Vihiga county residents to be connected to clean water by the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022, Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo declares.

Governor Wilber said during an inspection trip to the Sh.1.7 billion Maseno water project that is funded by the Belgium government. 


He was accompanied by the project's manager Samuel Delobbe.


The project stopped in March due to coronavirus outbreak which delayed its completion.

“Water is an important product for both humans and crops. Among my commitments during the 2017 campaign was to guarantee the threat of water shortage becomes a thing of the past,” Ottichillo said.

The governor said the water scheme was already 90 per cent complete and will assist residents of Luanda and Emuhaya sub-counties.

“The Maseno water scheme is going to provide 5000 cubic metres per day and will be supplied to Luanda market, Maseno University and other learning institutions within the county,” Ottichillo said.

He added that all institutions across the county will be linked to clean water for smooth learning by 2022.

The county will install water kiosks all villages where those who are not able to get connected due to various challenges will get their supply.

County assembly Minority whip Calistus Ayodi said the assembly will allocate funds for the county government to connect all residents to water supply for free.

Ottichillo said they will be using solar panels to evade Power bills to generate power for pumping water from all the three water plants at Maseno, Lunyerere and Shamakhokh.


Vihiga water project

Vihiga water project


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