Google celebrates Mnyazi wa Menza
Google celebrates Mnyazi wa Menza . PHOTO | GOOGLE

Google celebrates Mnyazi wa Menza (Mekatilili Wa Menza) on their platform, the Kenyan female leader who led the Giriama people in resistance against the British Colonial rule between 1912 – 1915.

Mekatilili is considered a prophetess among the Giriama.


The Kenya National Heroes Council Amb Yvonne Khamati recalls the memories of Menza by Google goes along in strengthening what they assume in as Kenya National Heroes Council and a country.

"We believe our Heroes deserve better. They have played their part in nation-building. We must affirm them at all times so that we can inculcate the culture of Heroism; the culture of service," Khamati said.

"We shall ensure more of our female heroines are unearthed, highlighted and feted. Other than giving birth to many celebrated our women were at the forefront of our liberation, our struggles and our future remains solely in their hands. 


That is the spirit of the Kenya National Heroes Act,2014 and what we stand for as a Council."
Today on the Kenyan coast, the rebounding legacy of Menza is celebrated during the carnivals of the traditional Malindi Cultural Festival, an annual celebration of local history and pride.

Mnyazi wa Menza was born in the Giriama village of Matsara wa Tsatsu, at now Ganze Constituency during the mid-19th century.

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