It is not not about travel imprest but 2022 Mt Kenya Politics -Anne Waiguru

Governor Anne Waiguru distributing food in Kirinyaga. FILE
Governor Anne Waiguru distributing food in Kirinyaga. FILE

EACC attacking the home of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru at 5.00 Am searching for Sh 23 Million travel documentation was about 2022 Electioneering.

The Governor said there is a group of Politicians who have been trailing her and snooping on private matters apart from normal politics.

She asked where the EACC got the Sh23 million from instead of Sh 10 Million.

"The sum was Sh10 million. Why was it necessary to come home in large numbers? This is not about travel imprests. It concerns 2022 succession politics in Central Kenya," she said.

"It is done to divert from severe accusations against many corrupt individuals in the Government involved in various multi-Billion graft claims."

" The excessive assertions are tossed encompassing only to come empty of even the primary evidence. Probes must never be about adjuncts, politicking and painting bad-blood, " Waiguru said.

The quest for records in aid of inquiries into travel imprests was basic.

"All these records showing travel or settlements have been bestowed to the EACC. They were also delivered to the senate trial on my impeachment in the full dazzle of TV," She said.

"There is nullity you can look for in someone's house to proof imprest management."

"You did not require a battery of machine-gun conveying policemen in darkness to get my cheque book. This could have been quickly availed with an easy call," she said.

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