Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru under-siege as EACC probe money laundering and fake trips
Anne Waiguru in trouble PHOTOs
Governor Anne Waiguru. FILE


EACC investigators assail Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru's homes in Nairobi and  Kirinyaga and her offices on Thursday morning.

EACC says it is handling searches to obtain documents involved in suspicious travel accusations that the Governor and different Kirinyaga county officials were erratically paid travel allowances amounting to Sh23,000,000.

CEO Twalib Mbarak said there were no existed trips from the Immigration offices and embassies.

"EACC is in the midpoints of proving whether the trips were initiated and whether the reports were real," he said.

The EACC says the invasion in her homes comes after having a warrant for the search.

The search warrants were issued by the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Nyeri.

The invasion happens just a month after Kirinyaga MCAs impeached Waiguru who was later rescued by the senate.

Waiguru argued with a senate committee to dismiss the MCAs’ case against her describing it useless and full of allusions.

 “Outside intrigues visited on us with the help of a few local leaders has caused confusion and disgrace to us at home. I pray that it should never be allowed to happen again,” she said.

Sources said the EACC plans to examine all the questionable acquisition that have rocked Kirinyaga county.

"The imprests payments that MCAs proposed in their petition are the main issue that concerns Waiguru though there are other issues," EACC official said.

Throughout her impeachment, MCAs maintained that Waiguru was sporadically paid travel allowances of Sh10.6 million “yet she did not make the trips”.

The MCA had claimed that Waiguru presided over a corrupt and joint criminal enterprise by ensuring persons who had a close association to her presided over the evaluation and award of tenders.

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