The burnt generators in Langobaya. FILE
The burnt generators in Langobaya. PHOTO | STAR


Over 200 farmers in Langobaya, Malindi sub-county, are summing losses after over Sh2 million worth irrigation generators were burnt by a man citing to bring demons.

The farmers who do irrigation along the river basin woke up to find their stores where the generators are kept completely burnt.

They said the criminal burnt seven houses that had six generators, sprayer machines and fertiliser.

However, during interrogation from one of their neighbour's employees, the man alleged that they had demons and that God had sent him to destroy them.

Another seventh generator is still missing and is deemed to have been tossed in the river flooded with hippos and crocodiles.

Mrs Rehema Kitsao, a farmer from Bwaga Lau Irrigation Scheme, told the journalists that the equipment was donated to them by former Water CS Eugene Wamalwa and ex-CS Dan Kazungu to help them in irrigation.

"We were given by government officials in 2016 and we started irrigation. They helped us and we now don't know what to do," she said.

She said her maize plants are withering just before maturity. Mrs Kitsao requested the government to give them other new generators.

Mr Anderson Thoya, maize and the horticultural farmer said his store that had generators burnt to ashes.

"My store had three generators, about three sacks of fertilizer, spraying machines, jembes, pangas, and food. They were all destroyed and my crops are drying due to lack of water," he said.

They informed the matter to the police on the matter. He continued that the suspect has mental health problems but has been synchronizing with neighbours peacefully until later after his wife eloped with another man.

The farmers now want the Government to facilitate them with new generators as they cannot afford to buy new ones during this pandemic.
The suspect was arrested but cannot afford to pay for the losses.

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