Mungatana and Paul Waweru takes plea, deffer after paying complainants

Former Garsen MP Danson Buya Mungatana takes plea with businessman Collins Paul Waweru after settling with the Complainants.

“We had discussions with the complainants and we have arrived at a settlement. We pray the plea taking be deferred,” Waweru’s lawyer Lynn Ngugi told Kibera chief magistrate Abdul Lorot.

Mungatana’s lawyer Peter Wena also said there was an agreement with the complainants. 

Ngugi added that the Constitution allows parties to use alternative methods to resolve issues and formally applied for the deferment of plea taking.

The magistrate ordered that the matter be mentioned on Wednesday when he will make a ruling.

He freed the accused on Sh200,000 bail and ordered them to show themselves in court on Wednesday.

Mungatana and Waweru, famously known as White were to be charged with among others forgery, conspiracy to defraud and making documents unlawfully.

According to the prosecution, they conspired to defraud and obtained Sh930,000 from Ann Wairimu Thumi by pretending they could assist her to win a tender to supply food and construction materials to the Department of Defence.

They are said to have forged a letter of acknowledgement for expression of interest for the supply of dry foodstuff in favour of Beni Trading Company Limited on July 22. The tender offer was purportedly signed by C.K. Mundui.

They also allegedly forged a local purchase order in favour of Beni Trading Company purportedly for signature by the chairman of the ministerial tender committee, Ministry of Defence.

They claimed that they forged a letter of acknowledgement for expression of interest for building works dated August 3 in favour of Derrow Construction Company Limited purportedly signed by C.K. Mundui.

The two also faced five counts of unlawfully making documents in favour of Beni Limited and Derrow Limited indicating to be genuine letters of acknowledgement for expression of interest from the Ministry of Defence.

Mungatana has maintained that he was arrested in line of duty and therefore innocent.

Danson Mungatana

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