#RutoSpeaksOut -Jubilee party hijacked by conmen and busybodies

Joe Ageyo and DP William Ruto


Deputy President William Ruto speaks with Citizen TV Presenter Joe Ageyo. It sparked different views on his Political stand in the Jubilee.  


"It is different to be a DP where you are not elected in a constituency…I have had more time to serve Kenya than previous VPs…I am happy in this gov’t…I am not bothered by junior people who call me names.

"I have been called a spectator, a guy running a big office without power…I want to say that my job is a constitutional duty to assist the President…Any job I have been given by the President I have done well…Politics is different from a church service.

"Maybe the style of doing things have changed…But it is the President who assigns duties and when he assigns duties to others, they do it and I am happy with it…The assignments given to me have been done.

" The Handshake introduced a different dynamic to the management of issues and a lot of politics… Politics has a way of creating negative energy that creates diversionary issues around what we were focused on achieving.

"My life is easy…You have not heard me complain…The situation between the President and myself is agreed upon…In the 1st term, it was Uhuruto... In the 2nd term, we want to build a legacy for the President…I am the DP and I know my place.

"My position is very consistent…I have been opposed to criminal investigations being profiled in the media…I am against drama… Let EACC, DCI, DPP do their work," he said.

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