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Atheists in Kenya Society (AIK) welcomes gospel singer Ruth Matete to join the drive after she wrecked church leaders for being dishonesty.

The society’s president, Harrison Mumia, said they followed Matete’s statements regarding Christians’ hypocrisy asked her to join them and feel peace of mind.

“I challenge Ruth to abandon Christianity for Atheism and experience the peace I’ve experienced as an atheist for over 20 years,” Mumia said.

Mr Mumia added that Ruth’s suspicion in religious faith would lead her to become an atheist and even challenged her to quit Christianity as a whole.

He told her that he was also once a Christian then he ditched the religion to become a nonbeliever after experiencing hypocrisy and church leaders faith vandalism in the church.

“I would like to tell Matete that I was once a Christian just like her, I testified the deception in the church. While Christianity imprints itself as a religion of love, justice, and peace, these features are nowhere to be seen when you explore the life of most Christians,” said Mumia.

Matete insinuated that she went through a very difficult period following the passing of her husband Pastor John Olakami Apewajoye in April.

The musician added that some pastors even accused of having a hand in the death. Some fellowship pastors even some prophesized of her end.


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