Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi. FILE

 Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi says he will not withdraw over his questionable statements on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family.

The MP said he did not insult anyone and those denouncing him were brokers and looters who had ruined the country.

The legislator maintained he did not address on behalf of Deputy President Ruto and that he had his brains.

"Let them tell me my mistake. All mothers are the same and we respect them but I did not abuse anyone," he said.
Sudi who has been denounced by leaders from all over the country said he was shocked to see so many women disturbed with his remark on ex-First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

"They assembled in big numbers to face me but I want to tell them that I did not abuse anyone. They should instead apologise to me for not understanding what I said," he said.

“...it is even in the bible, that was not an insult, I will apologise once people show me where I went wrong,” he said.

He was speaking during a press conference on Wednesday in Eldoret.
Sudi added that he is a leader who embraced peace and led from the front in uniting Kenyans but he would accept to be intimidated.

"...they don't have to come for me. Let them just call and tell me where am needed and I will go. No need to send so many police officers here," he added.

Sudi, a firm Ruto ally has in recent weeks taken off his gloves and pushed himself exchanging words with the President, saying he was the man behind Ruto’s woes.

“I want to tell Uhuru clearly that this country does not belong to you or Mama Ngina. This Kenya does not belong to Muhoho Kenyatta. This country belongs to the over 50 million Kenyans,” Sudi fired on Monday.

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