Illicit brewer woman chop-off client private parts after a fierce dispute in Luani, Makueni


A man cut-off private parts in Luani, Makueni county  photos


A man found in a thicket with his private parts chopped-off alleged to have been cut-off after an argument with a brewer.

The middle-aged man from Luani, Makueni county was found dead after a dispute inside a beer shelter turned tragic.

Eyewitnesses say the unknown man was drinking with numerous others when he was beaten by the brewer with a blade.

Although the origin of the matter was not disclosed of the nasty argument, the alleged suspect is said to have reportedly cut off the deceased’s private parts.

Two other men are also nursing severe wounds from the struggle with Jane Thiga, the Assistant County commissioner adds that the suspect has also been vending bhang.


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