Jackline Nelima Mutaki sued by Karen hospital for failing to pay Ksh. 23 million hospital bill


The Karen Hospital photo
The Karen Hospital. PHOTO | RMS


The Karen Hospital sues a patient who is held at its buildings, unable to pay Ksh.23 million hospital bill.


According to the court records, the victim Mrs Jackline Nelima Mutaki has been at the hospital since February 16, 2019.


She had been admitted for an elective caesarean section after encountering an obstetric ultrasound.

The Hospital’s CEO Betty Gikonyo noted that after the regular preparation for the Cesarean Section, spinal anaesthesia was applied but the patient developed complications.

“That the procedure was delayed for some minutes to enable the patient to be resuscitated and after the operation, the patient was taken to the High Dependency Unit for post-operative management,” the court papers say.

Mrs Jackline has been undergoing airway maintenance and physiotherapy as she proceeds to get treated for intermittent chest infections.


According to the hospital, efforts to reach her family did not bore any fruits as they appear to have disappeared.


The Karen hospital administration now wants the court to allow them to discharge the patient for home-based care or grant consent for her referral her to KNH.

However, the court said that it will only hear the case if the hospital revises the petition or takes actions on the matter. The case will be mentioned on September 23.


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  1. Next time try and verify the info you share. What efforts to reach the family when the said family is there almost every day for all that period?
    Is this the best way to handle a patient's details. Plastering it all over media?

    1. Then Please avail yourself to the hospital before she is taken to Kenyatta hospital or continues with the case. Its now in the filling process.

    2. If you know her then you can go to court and block Karen hospital bid in filling a case. You can contact the hospital at 0726 222001

    3. If the family was there all the time, what was the need of Karen hospital going to court?

  2. Please share with the hospital your contacts.... If you know her. Karen hospital contacts 0726 222001

  3. I believe she also has a case against the hospital. She walked to hospital health and ended up been bedridden for the last 3 years. Does the hospital have a case to answer?


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