Legio Maria popes Raphael Adika and Laurence Kalul with followers clash leaving Got Kwer shrine closed
Got Kwer shrine legio maria church photos
Legio Maria faith followers. FILE

Migori County Police officers close indefinitely the Got Kwer shrine in Migori County following a bloody clash between two Legio Maria faith teams on Monday that left four people dead.

Turmoil broke up the last day of the annual memorial ceremony of the founder of Legio Maria, Pope Melkio Ondeto after the parties challenging the leadership of the church clashed.

Anxieties arose shortly after Pope Raphael Adika arrived at the holy hill with his followers from Amoyo which they refer to as Jerusalem.

Pope Adika and his followers suffered a hostile reaction by members of the church’s splinter group that is now headed by self-anointed Pope Laurence Kalul.

They stoned his convoy burning down one of the vehicles and injuring several people forcing police to intervene.

The leadership dispute in the Legio Maria sect has lasted for over 10 years resulting in the division of the church and endless bickering.


The case to determine the legitimate leader of the denomination is to be determined later this month. 


The fight between Popes Adika and Kalul started after the death of Pope Romanus Ong’ombe.


For over five hours, the small hill in Suna West, Migori County that is equivalent to the biblical Mount Calvary to Lego Maria followers, was a battlefield for the heart of the church.

The area they describe heaven; a place of peace and holy turned battlefield. Lives were lost and many injured. 


Blood and spent cartridge scattered the holy hill as cries and wailings permeated the air.

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