Likoni children are seeking Sh 50,000 help to bail out their jailed mother after biting a neighbour


Likoni family stranded.
Likoni family stranded. FILE


A family in Likoni was left in pain after a neighbour took their breadwinner to court and jailed for six months for biting her finger over children dispute.


The dispute commenced when their children started a fight. Both single mothers of two children each clashed due to the childrens' case.


The fistfight continued for over half an hour. The accused escaped after biting the other.


The mother of two was arrested and taken to court where she was charged for domestic abuse and biting neighbours finger. 


She was to be released upon paying Sh 50,000 cash bail or face 6 months behind bars.

Now the children aged 8, and 5 respectively are living with another neighbour asking for a Sh 50,000 help to raise the cash bail for their mother who is now serving six-month imprisonment after biting her neighbour's finger.

They now seeking for well-wishers to help to bail out their mother.

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