Why ex-Kiss FM Kalekye Mumo criticised Enock Sikolia poor English at NTV


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Kiss FM Queen Kalekye Mumo. FILE


Enock Sikolia says Kalekye Mumo trolled his poor English, glad it made him successful

Enock Sikolia narrates the day that Kalekye Mumo's uttered rude words that helped shape his distinguished career in journalism.

The famous reporter said the former Kiss FM host went on Twitter to ridicule his command of the Queen's language

While her thoughts injured him, he determined to use them as his driving force rising as a successful news anchor.

Enock Sikolia added that Kalekye Mumo trolled his poor English even it reached a time where Kalekye Mumo asked Sikolia's employer to fire him.

The gifted news anchor narrated to his fans that back when he was green in the world of reporting, former radio queen Kalekye Mumo moistened his spirits.

The single ex-Kiss FM presenter who is now in her 40s made fun of his English speaking abilities. It started when Sikolia faltered words during a news briefing at Nation media.

"Okay NTV, you need to pull off that journalist reporting Kibera. What is he saying?" Kalekye asked.

He alleged that from those words he was blessed by Kalekye on that day and used her criticism as driving power.

 "I blessed her that day. She thought she was humiliating me but in real sense she made me work harder," Sikolia added.


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