Equity Bank Chronicles: Why your money is not safe at Equity bank and should change bank immediately

Equity Bank of Kenya fraud stories and video
Equity Bank Branch. FILE

Cases of unusual money disappearance at equity bank are alarming. Bank accounts breach or critical systems malfunction have rendered many hopeless.

Fraudsters have been taking advantage of the loopholes assisted by equity bank employees to execute inside jobs without being detected.

This time, another victim who is a widow registered with equity bank mobile line Equitel and money mysteriously vanished the same day.

Widow Equity Bank Chronicle

What's happening in Equity Bank, so fraudsters just got to my mum and managed to clear all the money in her Equity account? All of it. She registered for equitel yesterday. What's this fam, my mum's a widow that's all the money she had for my brother's school fees. I'm livid.

This happened via the equitel line she was advised to register by one of Equity Banks agents. Since she's not so tech savvy, the fraudsters managed to find a way around her All the money. I'm so stressed right now

How did a number she registered yesterday end up in the hands of fraudsters on the same exact day? Does the bank have customer data protection? They took away all the money. On top of that my mum is sick, how is she supposed to manage this?

My mum is now crying, my late dad just came into the picture plus she's sick, I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do. She just told me this evening after work. Idk man idk

Some of you have reached out to offer assistance in terms of information and channels I can use. Others have supported me via Mpesa to follow up on this issue. Thank you all, I appreciate you. This means so much to me.

So today I reported officially to equity bank and recorded a statement with the police. The bank is yet to commit itself to restore the account to its original position

Githinji dad Chronicle

Another scary story from Chege Githinji that he posted explaining how he nearly lost his dad from the Equity bank heist if it was not God on his side.

Wacheni ni wapee story about Equity bank and how I almost lost dad. In 2018 my dad entered Equity thika plaza branch and withdrew 300k but the teller kept going at back and was on the phone throughout the transaction. #boycottEquityBank

My dad did not detect anything wrong in fact he walked outside the bank and went and had tea at cascades restaurant in the Thika CBD. He then paid for his tea and got in his car and drove towards home i.e Makongeni phase 13

Immediately he got to the house gate 4 men in a white Toyota DX ambushed him as he got outside to open the get, my dad tried to resist but the hit in the ribs and forced him in the back of their car and drove away with him.

The first thing they said to him as they drove towards ngoingwa was "mzee tunataka pesa ama tukumalize" funny thing they knew how much he had even the pocket he had put the money.

If you been to ngoingwa estate there are some coffee plantations as you head towards the M-PESA academy that's where they drove uko ndani and told my Dad to get out. 2 of them wanted to kill my dad because he had already seen their faces but one of them argued they let him go.

As they were debating they heard a car approaching and they panicked, they told my dad to walk and not to look back as they got into their car and sped off. Luckily the car approaching was one of the coffee plantations trucks.

My dad waved for the truck driver to stop luckily he stopped he explained to him what had happened he borrowed his phone called my mum. By that time our neighbours had altered my mum who called cops and a police signal had already been circulated.

My mum went and picked my dad first stop was the hospital he had bruises but no broken bones but his neck was sore cause walikuwa wamenyonga then the proceeded to thika police station to record a statement.

Apparently, this was not the first time hizi cases have been there, equity bank staff collude with thugs to rob you. Due to insufficient evidence that teller was not charged na hiyo kesi iilisha ivo but kutoka hiyo siku mambo ya equity zii.


Lagatt Neighbour Equity chronicle

Mike Lagatt also explained how another old man who doubles to be his neighbour escaped the danger of losing Sh 780,000 from robbers connected to the equity bank employees.

In Kapsabet, a certain mzee who is my neighbour escaped by a whisker just out of luck. He left Equity bank, went to the stage and boarded a Matatu going to Lessos. When the mat was almost full, he alighted to go and buy something. He came back and found his seat had been occupied.

He went to the back seat. Soon the mat was full and they left the town. On the way, they were stopped by 'policemen' in a civilian vehicle and they had handcuffs but with no uniform. They told the conductor to open the door since they were looking for a criminal.

They went straight to the seat in which the old man had sat in earlier and told the man now sitting there to go with them. The man protested but they roughed him up and took him. When they left, the old man with cash said he was sure they were after him. Changing seats saved him.

The fate of the poor guy who was taken instead of him is not known. Maybe he was left when they realized he did not have any significant cash.


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  1. That's very bad.. That bank must be investigated

  2. Even on Shopping debut card, be careful or they may wipe everything..

  3. A bank stealing from a widow is very shameful. Nowadays saving with banks is very risky.. The bank may close down, fraud, employees embezzlement etc


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