Mchai machine cost in Kenya and photos of new Mchai machine


Tea farmers are now using tea picking machine from the manual method due to the effects of the global virus pandemic.

The machine has reduced the cost of tea picking from Sh 8 per KG to Sh 3 per Kilogram.

Farmers say the introduction of the machine has increased their profits and the number of tea packages.

Tea farmers move from 100 KG picking average per day for small scale to 300 Kgs.

The machine is well known as Mchai machine. It is a one user machine that uses a rechargeable lithium battery that will enable one to pick tea for eight hours a day but yields more.

MCHAI machine is battery powered Mini Tea Plucking Machine.

It is a waterproof tea harvester highly improves the working efficiency of plucking tea.

Its brushless mini tea harvester waterproof, light in weight, smart circuit protection, and has large tea collecting tray.

The machine is faster, making an individual plucking a bigger area. With the machine, one is guaranteed timely plucking during flush times when labour is a constraint and this, in turn, will increase productivity.

Lastly, not much crop is lost due to machine plucking as one can pluck an average of two times a month.

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