Willy Paul CCTV Footage that shows Shakila breaking into his house


Controversial artist Willy Paul releases CCTV footage of how the popular Socialite Shakila who broke into his house at Midnight.


Willy Paul urges his fans to pray for him because it was not safe for him anymore.


He posted on Instagram how the famous Socialite allegedly entered his house after breaking his gate to his sitting room.


"Here is what went down... how the lost teenager came into my house without my knowledge and lied to my female friend that I had a meeting with her and that she was my business partner, "  he posted on Instagram.


According to Willy Paul Statements, his records were contradicting with the CCTV footage with the Police.


"CCTV FOOTAGE OF EVERYTHING.. including her arrest! Please Shakila or whatever you call urself... stay away from me, I don't know you so stop making it look like I know you... and tell the people that sent you this; " he added.


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