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 Jubilee SG Raphael Tuju rubbishes reports that he is in hospital under severe condition.


In a rejoinder on Thursday, Tuju scornfully said that allegations of his staying in ICU are an advancement from initial false reports.

"They say in the media business that all publicity is good. It keeps you in the minds of the people. I can live with that. If anyone asks, please tell them that since the initial reports were that I was in the mortuary, the ICU is definitely a great improvement and therefore I will soon be in the general ward," Tuju said.

Tuju advanced his joke saying that anyone concerned about his healthy should send him money.

"If anyone wants to confirm that I am okay, let them send something on M-Pesa. I have a special sound for all M-Pesa messages of over Sh1,000 and they should expect a prompt thank you call or acknowledgement," he said.

In March this year, Tuju was implicated in a grisly road accident while en-route to Kabarak for the burial of the late President Daniel Moi.

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