Kaloleni Police officers arresting resident with no facemasks

Kaloleni residents, Kilifi county, are now lamenting over rogue police officers who do not wear masks arresting people anyhow.

 According to Kahindi Kitsao who is a bodaboda rider at the town, Police officers have been harassing residents demanding for bribes.

 " I was seated alone approximately 20 meters from people. I took off my mask because I needed fresh air before taking it back when riding or at the middle of people," he said.

 " Two Police officers approached me. And I had to wear it because you do not know who is positive. They arrested me for not wearing a mask. They destroyed my face mask and took me," he added.

 " They demanded Sh 1000. So I had to give them because if they take you to Kizurini, they will charge you with something else on top and ended up in jail, " he said.

 The residents now want fast action taken against the rogue officers.

 "We are tired of them. We will react one day they won't like it," he concluded.

 The Police officers have been arresting people who have no face masks in the small town for the past three days.

 The officers themselves do not have face masks too. The Police officers have been arresting people, who have no facemasks without wearing facemasks themselves.

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