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Content creation needs patience and persistence. Its a call and talent than formal acquired business.

No school teaches content creation but gift and creativity. Personal creativity and gift that bring humour and entertainment to others.

On Citizen TV business now with Presenter Yvonne Okwara Matole, Content creators and online platforms experts, describe the journey to the Billion dollar business in Kenya.

Content creators explain how making content is a journey that has ups and downs.

Mr Henry Desagu, Content Creation, "I made content for over 5 months before I got my first client. Price is dependent on the nature of content & who you are working with. I use my current promotions to get my next client through referrals. "

Mr Henry Desagu adds, "It is a favour to have over 440,000 subscribers which is a 100,000 increase from April last year. Some of my content is pure comedy while others incorporate online marketing. "

Azziad Nasenya says, "  Content creation is a lot of work & charging a client has to factor in a lot of things."

Waithera Kabiru, Head of Media Futures, EABL, says " We diversified from just traditional media to digital & this year, started using content creators. As of July, the per cent of our digital media investment tripled &16% goes to working with influencers."

Azziad Nasenya, a Content Creator says, " I was not known before COVID-19 but have been doing content creation since 2017. After the dance song I did, I got 36,000 followers on Instagram, I’m now at 830,000 on TikTok I had 100,000 now I have 700,000, "  

Dorothy Ooko, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Google: explains how content creators make money, "Having 10,000 subscribers & 4000 views are where we look at one as a serious creator. Views help advertisers in debating where to put their products against. CPM is much higher with US ads. "

Dorothy adds, "CPM calculation is on views. The film rate is the percentage of videos of ads put on your channel, the percentage of ads and once you calculate the two, you get what the creator takes home."

According to data on internet users global, Kenya is the 4th country with the highest internet penetration in Africa 8.8 M active social media users in Kenya Kenya’s spend 4hours 36 mins on the internet 15.2 M purchased consumer goods online in 2019.

" Content creation, a timely conversation. I am learning a lot. It is a culture that can help in reducing the rate of unemployment among youth. If they are trained well since our generation is labelled "phone addicts," a content creation follower said.

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