Suba South MP John Mbadi photo
Suba South MP John Mbadi. FILE

ODM Party chairman and Suba South MP John Mbadi tells Deputy President William Ruto to field a candidate for the Nairobi governor elections.

The legislator says since ODM candidate Omar Boga missed the Msambweni parliamentary by-election seat to Feisal Badar, an independent candidate, the deputy president has been associating it to his high popularity across the country.

The DP associated himself by the win and challenged him to field a candidate in the upcoming Nairobi governor race.

“If Ruto, you feel that you are man enough and popular by the win in Msambweni then field a candidate Nairobi for governor seat and mention your party or candidate,” Mbadi said.

“It is clear Ruto has left Jubilee and is in a party we don’t know. There is no party called Independent for him to aligning himself to all independent candidates.”

“A by-election is not indicative for popularity a party or a candidate across Kenya and Ruto should not cheapen politics in Kenya, Ruto should not be over-excited with a win in Msambweni for an independent candidate who is not even his man,” he said.

“ He behaves like a youth winger, who has been insulting leaders in forums he gets a chance to.”

“Come out openly to attack the BBI referendum instead of Raila, the referendum agenda is pushed by the president who is your party boss,” he added.

Mbadi addressed residents on Tuesday at Oruba estate in Migori town during the burial of a businessman Mzee William Adede.

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