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Machakos Senator Boniface Mutinda Kabaka rushed to Nairobi Hospital in the morning after he became sick in the wee hours of Friday.

Senator Kabaka was hurried to Nairobi hospital after a woman, who accompanied him at Kilimani apartment on Thursday night, informed the senator’s aide, Mr Isaac Muinde, that the legislator had developed a severe headache and breathing difficulties.

The woman, recognised as Esther Muli, a resident of Wote Town, said the senator took paracetamol tablets, but his health did not improve.

Ms Esther Muli and Senator Mutinda Kabaka were in an apartment located on Elgeyo Marakwet Road in the upmarket suburb of Kilimani.

After alerting Senators' aide, Ms Muli also informed the apartment’s management, who called an ambulance that took the legislator to the Nairobi Hospital.

The senator’s wife, Jennifer Mueni Kabaka, was later notified by Kabaka’s aide, Mr Isacc Muinde, about what had occurred.

Mrs Mueni  Kabaka hastened to Nairobi Hospital a few minutes past 3 am on Friday, and discovered that her spouse had been admitted to Nairobi Hospital intensive care unit (ICU).

Mrs Mueni was followed to the hospital by other family members, including the senator’s second wife, Vascoline Katanu Kabaka.

At 3:30 am, Mueni recorded a report at the Kilimani Police Station under the OB Number 84/04/12/2020.

Police say ‘evidence’ spotted in the Kilimani apartment where the senator and Mueni were in, ‘has been sent to the Government Chemist for analysis’.

Officials explained that some of the ‘proof’ as ‘perishable’.

“The senator is still admitted at the Nairobi Hospital ICU,” says the police report.

Ms Muli, who was with Senator Kabaka on Thursday night has been detained pending investigations at the Kilimani Police Station.

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