KNUN SG Mombasa branch Peter Maroko photo
 KNUN SG Mombasa branch Peter Maroko. FILE

Mombasa Medics strike enters the third week as the county government continue being in silent over the issue.

KMPDU members joined the strike yesterday. The local strike has pushed the county to an ending row.

The national strike now tops up the current strike at the second city hospitals. The national strike has taken all other remaining medics home leaving public hospitals empty.

The move makes an influx of patients in private hospitals.

 KNUN SG Mombasa branch Peter Maroko says talks to end the local strike has hit a dead end and the local strike continues with the national strike.

 KMPDU Chair Oroko Obegi says Mombasa branch members started their local strike yesterday, Monday, 07 December 2020.

" Local strike will continue because the county government has stopped engaging us. We can risk our lives with a DO NOT CARE government. We will do what they want. Staying away from those hospitals, " Mombasa KNUN SG Maroko said.

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