Nyandarua and Kitui counties import Christmas trees worth Sh 12 Million and Sh 20 Million respectively


Nyandarua county Christmas tree photo
Nyandarua county Christmas tree. FILE

Nyandarua county and Kitui breaks the record among the counties with expensive Christmas trees. 

Nyandarua and Kitui imported its Christmas trees worth Sh 12 Million and Sh 20 Million respectively.

The county governments imported the trees from Italy. 

Residents from the respective counties questioned their Governors. The Governors could not explain how the Christmas tree will help them fight against the naval virus.

"There are needy children who will need bursaries from January. This holiday, there are some families with nothing to celebrate. That Sh 12 Million could help in whichever case, " a resident mocked the Nyandarua Christmas tree cost.

" I mean, in a pandemic, a country struggling to raise revenue Doctors got no pay, schools have no masks, you take 12million shillings and buy a Christmas tree and dare to tweet about it. Can we please introduce a law that allows us to lynch some officials?" a voter Mr Bryson added.

Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia ridiculed by his residents over the move forgetting that the county hospitals have no health care workers to service them.

In Kitui, Governor Charity Ngilu opened a sneak peek into the Kitui Man-Made Beach at Kalundu Eco Park in Kitui town. The first Dry Land Beach in Kenya.

Later, she travelled to her office to oversee the planting Sh 20 Million Christmas tree.

Nyandarua county Christmas tree photo

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