Former Magarini MP Harry Kombe drinking dirty water photo
Former Magarini MP Harry Kombe drinking dirty water. FILE


Magarini Ward in Kilifi county hit hard by lack of freshwater. Magarini constituency is the home of the Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi.

 The resident of the ward now wants Magarini MP Michael Kingi to help them in getting fresh water.

Resident claims the Magarini ward MCA Elina Mbaru disappeared despite efforts to lay their concerns. 

The ward has no freshwater single point and residents depend on temporary wells dug by the resident. 

" We wake up early in the morning to queue in the wells. We dug some holes where we get our water, " a resident Jumwa Karabu said.

In 2017, former Magarini MP Harry Kombe drunk dirty water in solidarity with the locals, he then rushed to the hospital for anti-cholera tablets. It is now almost four years, and the water problem is persisting.

The current MP Michael Kingi also pledged to finish the water shortage problem during his campaigns in 2017. Despite being a brother to the county governor, Magarini ward has no single pipe just a year to another election. 

"For decades we've been promised with no fulfilment. It's time to get the best we need. County government of Kilifi value the people of Magarini, " Charles Mwango Ngombo said.

"It is so sad that in the 21st century to witness this scenario, as our leaders are gulpiusing Dasani and Keringet packed water, " he added.


Approximately 80 Percent of the people of Magarini lack freshwater.  Gongoni ward has at least 10 Percent connection. However, the water connection is unreliable.

Magarini Ward residents state that they sent proposals to the county government since 2017 with no reply or signs.

" Magarini ward MCA in 2017 donated some pipes. The residents volunteered to install the pipes. Its three years now with no drop from the taps, " a Magarini resident lamented.

" We have seen and hear them talking of BBI. They have neglected a basic need in the constituency. Their priority is BBI. Will BBI bring water to the people of Magarini?" the resident added.

" We gave them proposals to either drill boreholes because the county has existing rigs, have a water firm tapping the Galana river or use the existing Baricho water project. None has been replied, " he added.

Now residents threaten to storm the county offices or demonstrate if their problems will not be solved.  

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