DCI sleuths investigating homicide photo


DCI sleuths, hunting down a man claimed to have killed his ex-lover within Nairobi’s Njiru area on Thursday.

According to the police report, the man who disappeared after the event torched his victim inside her house.

Two house helps employed by the deceased explain that they were ordered to leave the house to allow the deceased and the suspect some private time to solve their disputes.

"They had issues concerning a shamba boy. I had him talking about him but did not get full information, " said one of the househelps.

It was around 8 am.

Later in the afternoon, the house went up in flame, and despite the efforts to put out the fire, nothing rescued.

According to homicide detectives who visited the crime scene, the deceased seemed to have been tied before her house was set ablaze.

Kayole based detectives now work jointly with the DCI’s Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) in the manhunt.

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