Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti and Players photo
Everton players during Leicester match.


Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti says the team is racing for the European competition even after the 1:1 draw with Leicester.

Carlo Ancelotti work is directed for a win when they invite the Newcastle at the Goodison Park on Saturday.

Everton has been on an average performance this season while their visitors had the worst.

Newcastle will be heading to Goodison Park with no win in their recent five matches.

James Rodriguez goal brought hope to Everton. The point that Everton bagged was not enough. However, it helped in the progress for their European thirsty.

Steve Bruce has been on a constant pressure at Newcastle following a bad run at the club.

Despite having new players this season, Newcastle run hit obstacles, unlike last season.

Carlo Ancelotti's side, then, has claimed four points this season from one of the division's strongest teams after winning in the East Midlands six weeks ago.

Steve Bruce will be facing Carlo Ancelotti in his good run at Goodison Park.

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