Provisional administration forced signature signing in Mt Kenya a threat to the BBI referendum

President Uhuru Kenyatta at statehouse
President Uhuru Kenyatta. FILE


Mt. Kenya region citizens say the 800,000 signatures were fake with many forced to sign.

According to reports, the provincial administration forced the citizens to sign the document. They placed the signature books on Huduma centres, Police stations and with chiefs.

To avoid arrest, one was forced to sign. There were no services at government offices without signing the BBI signature booklet.

They County bosses forced juniors to look for ways to force citizens to sign the booklets.

The collected signatures were from forces civil servants that were forced to sign in their places of work. Government ministries, departments and parastatals.

"Chiefs are our village mates they needed to keep their jobs so we gave them the 300 signatures to protect them from being sacked, " Kimani from Nyeri said.

" They forced the signature we are eagerly waiting to see how they will force our votes, " Wangari Kamau added.

"Use chiefs to blackmail people to sign and then brag. People are waiting for the referendum day so that their voices can be heard, " Karanja from Mwea, Kirinyaga said.

"Chiefs were threatened that they will lose their jobs, " he said.

Kang'ata fears confirm the allegations that the regional co-ordinators used the chiefs to force citizens to append their signatures, then used MPESA and mortuary signatures to attain the required numbers.

However, they will not be sure if the people who signed the booklets will still vote yes in the forthcoming referendum.

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