[VIDEO] Netizens on BBC spy queen documentary, Jane Mugo took Kenya's embarrassment to a new level

detective Jane Mugo  video


Netizens light up internet citing the BBC documentary on detective Jane Mugo just took Kenya's Embarrassment to a whole new Level.

After the BBC documentary on the Kenyan private detective Jane Mugo, Kenyans set the internet ablaze.

Netizen claim that she has taken Kenya's embarrassment to a new level.

Jane Mugo explained that she named her dog "Hitler" because 'the dog hits hard" and that "Hitler' is derived from the word 'Hit'

Kenya has its won version and real version of the spy James Bond.

Detective Jane Mugo is the country’s most popular and controversial private investigator.

She says she’s solved hundreds of crimes, but some say she writes her own rules.

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