You owe me a debt... Raila Odinga reminds Mt Kenya voters his 57 years political debt


ODM leader Raila Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga told Mt Kenya voters through Kamame TV that they have his 57 years old political debt, which should be settled before that of Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking at Kameme addressing Mt Kenya voters on Monday, Raila told them to pay the debt in 2022.

The debt is cumulative since it spans 57 years ago when his father, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga supported the nation’s founding father Jomo Kenyatta to ascend to the presidency before he backed Mwai Kibaki for president in 2002.

“I hear that Dr Ruto is asking settlement of his political debt from you. His is only seven years old while mine is 57 years old. He should not jump the line, I am ahead of him, and I know you will pay me first,” he said.

Mr Odinga declared to be on the ballot ahead of 2022 polls. He was luring the vote-rich region which is currently recognised to be Dr Ruto’s stronghold.

“Dr Ruto stands for nothing in ideas and policy. He is only tricking Kenyans that he is a hustler. A hustler who lives in an upmarket and drives top-of-the-range vehicles and occasionally flying own choppers coming down to the poor to give the wheelbarrows and mikokoteni is simply an insult,” he said.

Raila also talked about the Hustle-dynasty narrative that is advanced by Dr Ruto.

“Look at it this way, founding father Kenyatta was of humble beginnings who was even jailed for agitating for self-rule. His successor Daniel Moi was a teacher who was born in a very poor family while Mr Kibaki was once a tout who had been chased from school over school fees, " he added.

"The current president was even selling French beans outside Blue post hotel. Just like the way he has worked his way up, though suspiciously, it is the very same way all of us had our beginnings,” he said adding that he at one time travelled as an illegal immigrant through seas and oceans to search for education.

He warned residents that the Hustler narrative by Dr Ruto is fake and that which only serves to disintegrate the country along class lines.

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