Bamba Police launch man-hunt of Ismael Charo Mumba, 30, after killing his wife using a machete

 Police officers in Bamba, Kilifi County have launched a man-hunt after a middle-aged man from Bamba, Ganze sub-county murdered his wife due to domestic conflict.

Ismael Charo Mumba, 30, ran away from his home in Jila four days ago after getting a hint that Bamba Police Officers were trailing him. 

Charo Mumba is alleged to have murdered his wife Neema Kitsao Chengo at his house after suspecting that the wife was seeing someone else in the neighbourhood.

According to reports, Neema Kitsao reported the matter at Bamba Police station but the officers did not take it seriously. 


Ismael Charo Mumba, 30, wanted by Bamba Police
Ismael Charo Mumba, 30.


" She reported the matter at Bamba Police Station but the officers ignored it. There have been several reports that people record statements at the station with no action from the officers, " Changawa Yeri from Bamba said.

She reported the matter to the Police Officers after sensing danger from her spouse to seek protection but all was in vain. 

The mother of two was murdered in a cold blood using a machete by the suspect who is yet to be arrested.


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  1. Action must be taken to that man with immediate effect


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