DP William Ruto young brother David Ruto launch Hustler Nation Movement in Raila's bedroom, Kisumu


David Ruto, the younger brother of Deputy President William Ruto photo
DP William Ruto and his young brother David.


David Ruto, the younger brother of Deputy President William Ruto launches the Hustler Nation Movement in Kisumu County, the Raila Odinga ODM's bedroom.

David Ruto conducted a fundraiser for Nyamasaria bodaboda riders in the city, which is deemed to be ODM leader Raila Odinga's bedroom.

As this happened, the riders chanted songs seemingly to praise the Hustler Movement and together with other youth, he vowed to support them.

Ruto brother has been living a secret life, away from the media. He has been staying in the United States.  

David joins the hustler movement drumming up the support of the youth, who he empowers by donating towards their projects.

The DP says that he shares in the 2030 vision of elevating Kenya to a middle-income country by affirming their support of small business enterprises which he said steer innovation.

"We are determined to change the economic approach from the top-bottom to bottom-top so that we can improve the standards of living of the millions of the ordinary people at the base of the wealth pyramid, making Kenya a more equal and prosperous country."

Speaking in Kabarnet on Saturday, February 20, Ruto said that it was wrong for police officers and state agencies to wage political wars.

“These politics of using the police, and the EACC and the DCI to settle scores, when did it start? ”DP Ruto posed.

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