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KFCB Boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua


KFCB Boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua criticised for doing nothing in helping content creators and music artists but busy condemning and throwing negative energy to the creators.

He is alleged to be full of himself and focusses on banning content rather than showing the way and help to elevate the creators.

The criticism comes after he posted on social media saying FIRIRINDA (Free rinda) is the kind of content KFCB want. Firirinda went viral in the 1980s with the artist Dick Munyonyi getting nothing.

"One day, you will realise that there was more to that job you hold other than just censorship. Of all the duties and responsibilities, you put more effort into extinguishing than to promote. We expect more than just banning content from you! What other value are you adding?" a music fan said.

"That song was produced many years ago yet you never mentioned it or tried to publicize it when little was known about it. Why then are you jumping into it right now? Mind you we already know it is good that's why we are listening to it, " another fan criticised Dr Mutua.

"We wasting taxpayers money paying the so-called KFCB Dr Who has never been in the entertainment industry to know the best and thrash!!
Who advises this guy, " another fan asked.

"The owner of the song Dick Munyonyi made it clear in an interview at on InooroFM that he's AILING, he lost his voice more than a decade, he talks in whispers! He said he hasn't received not even one shilling from the song that went viral. How can KFCB make sure he gets something financially out of it?" another fan posted.

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