Rajab Abdul alias Harmonize or Konde Boy and Frida Kajala photo

Best performing artist currently and Bongo Fleva star Rajab Abdul alias Harmonize or Konde Boy, who reveals shocking details to his current girlfriend, Frida Kajala Masanja and saying “With the love she shows me if she leaves me I can kill myself."


Research from Bongo media has revealed that the Kajala and Harmonize couple is currently the most loved and popular couple compared to couples of other Bongo celebrities.


According to Harmonize or Harmo, he is not accustomed to the care and good things he is getting right now from Kajala, the Bongo Movies star.

According to sources, it is revealed that before Harmo had Kajala, he was not getting exclusive services like currently.  He quoted saying that he is getting more and more from Kajala.


For example; before having Kajala, Harmo did not seem to be grateful for the breakfasts but now fresh fish in the morning and soup seem to be working for him.

He has been posting video clips enjoying the beautiful kisses and breakfasts like never before from the mother of one daughter named Paula Paul.


According to people close to Kajala and Harmo, the Kondegang boss was not accustomed to the lifestyle and most of the times he was living in slum life.

"Kondeboy used to iron on long trousers (eating once) and on the restaurants, but right now he is eating according to Kajala Menu.


Rajab Abdul alias Harmonize or Konde Boy and Frida Kajala photo

"Watch the video of Harmonize's hot fish, he was grateful and confessed that he is now fat enough," says sources closer to the couple.

"Kajala has been telling him not to worry and he will get used to that life and expect a lot. is coming, " the sources claim.

On Friday Harmonize said that hooking up with Kajala believes it was the right choice. However, Harmo warns Kajala that if she dumps him, Kajala needs her to know that she is walking with her blood of his heart.

He added that continue to live without her will be difficult. He hints at committing suicide.

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