Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi says Coast region based political party is ready for launch
Governor Amason Kingi photo in Mariakani

The Dream for a United Coast Political formation is still alive says, Governor Amason Kingi. 

"Coast region's Political future is safe only when People and the Political class unite for a common cause to sèrve the interest of the region, " Governor Kingi said when commissioning roads rehabilitation in Mariakani. 


Kilifi County Governor Amason has once again warned against Political dictatorship and conmanship through vague narratives meant to confuse the Common Mwananchi towards 2022 General elections.


Amason Kingi roads

 The Governor iterated his determination to lead the Coast region to the National distribution table through a united Coast Political formation, urging voters to reject moves by the so-called 'Hustler' Nation that is going around the region endorsing Political Candidates. 

"In a democratic society every Person has the right to choose a Political leader but what we are seeing with the Hustler narrative is total political conmanship to endorse individuals with suspicious character to Political leadership, he added.

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