Kisumu detectives arrest a notorious businessman for selling "Killing me quickly" illicit brew -Kondele
Kisumu notorious businessman arrested in Kondele photo

Detectives based in Kisumu's Kondele arrests a notorious business for selling illicit brew.

DCI officers who have been pursuing a criminal cartel notorious in distributing second generation alcohol and illicit liquor in the area have confiscated over 500L of suspected Chang'aa, 240 bottles of Simba Waragi and several bundles of export cigarettes over the last two days.

The operation was initiated following public outcry over increased consumption of the "kill me quick" liquor, with the perpetrators sneaking the same into social joints.

Acting on a tip-off from members of the public, a team of the detectives led by the deputy In-Charge DCI post cornered a suspicious Toyota Fielder at a garage, recovering fifteen 20L jericans of suspected chang'aa from it.

Upon interrogation of the lone driver, detectives proceeded to a store within Riat area, therefrom making the rest of the recoveries.

Trailing of more suspects is underway, with detectives working with the local leaders to neutralize the syndicate.

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