Tanasha Donna pay my friend's debt... exposes Ebru TV presenter, Dana De Grazia


Former Ebru TV presenter, Dana De Grazia exposes Tanasha Donna photos

Ex-Ebru TV presenter, Dana De Grazia exposes Tanasha Donna for not paying up her debt.

Tanasha is known to be a well-off Kenyan socialite and musician. Being in debt therefore comes as a shock to many.

Speaking on Eric Omondi’s show, Dana De Grazia says that Tanasha owes her make-up friend a lot of cash from doing her make-up during the latest music video.

”If Tanzania wants to come for me, niko sawa but I’m washing Tanasha, because I don’t like people who f* with my friends. I’m a very loyal friend and Tanasha owes my good friend money. So, I’m sorry you’re getting flushed.

" You should pay people for labour…. I was not there but this friend of mine has been trying to get her cash for a long time… Calling, texting and everything. You’re so worthy, why are you not paying people for labour?”

She is accused of not paying the make-up of the latest hit. Her latest music video is dubbed ‘One and Only’ and features Bahati.

The video released 2 weeks ago, has since fetched over 1 million views on YouTube.

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