[VIDEO] Agness reveals Bongo star Uchebe used her to hurt his ex-wife Shilole

Uchebe and Agness relationship photo
Agness and Uchebe


Tanzania businessman and artist Agness reveals that she has never been in any relationship with Bongo star Uchebe but pretending to hurt Shilole.

 Uchebe approached Agness to behave like they were in a relationship to hurt his ex-wife Shilole after their nasty divorce.

Revealing the secret, Agness said that what happened between them was just a friendship even though on the outside they were known as lovers.

Agness added that for the fact is that they respect each other as brothers and sisters and never shared a bed.

"Uchebe and I have never been in a relationship. He was my best friend but dramas were going on. Uchebe was stressed after parting ways with his wife so he planned to use me to hurt Shilole," said Agness exposed.

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