"We need CRB and HELB loans waivers to pass BBI," youth leaders call to Uhuru and Raila

Raila and Uhuru with BBI document in Bomas of Kenya photo


After President Uhuru Kenyatta awarded MCAs with car grants, youths leaders now call for CRB and HELB loans waiver for youths to pass BBI.

Already over 70 Percent of youths do not support BBI.

"It's a pity that MP Babu Owino a former KUSA and SONU president cannot highlight and bring a motion to parliament on the CRB and HELB issue but will most likely support the government in its bid to give car grants to MCAs, " the University leaders call.

"If MCAs will be granted Ksh 2 million to pass the BBI, youths also should be granted CRB and HELB clearance waivers to pass this thing. We need a robust conversation, Kenya doesn't belong to politicians alone, " the youth leaders added.

A new poll now shows that 70 per cent of Kenya’s young people would oppose the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum if it was held today, and only 30 per cent of them would support it.

Old people from 55 years and above support BBI. 80 Percent of the old people in Kenya who are above 55 years support the document according to the latest findings.

The poll, released by the Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF) Africa, showed that 40 per cent of the male youth would oppose it while 21 per cent would support it; whereas 30 per cent of the female youth would oppose the BBI referendum and 9 per cent would vote in favour.

"It started with MCAs Car grant moved to comrades CRB and HELB clearance. Artists, farmers, teachers etc speak up to let the discussion continue. Kenya is for us all not for politicians only, " the leaders added.

70 Percent of the poll participants said they did not get a chance to personally, or through an organization, give their views to the BBI Steering Taskforce that was moving around the country while 30 per cent did.

During Mwai Kibaki administration, he ordered the release of withheld KCSE certificates, This enabled defaulters who were unable to pay their balances to have their certificates. The youths leaders said the Uhuru Administration should do something for the youths.

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