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Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata orders local administrators to keep a database of old people in their respective areas.

The move comes after several elders were killed alleged to practice witchcraft.  Speaking in Marafa, Magarini, Mr Elungata directed chiefs and assistant chiefs to record the names of all people aged 50 years and above. 

" I order all assistant chiefs and chiefs in Kilifi county and Coast region at large to record the names of people with 50 years and above and protect them. We need to have a database of these old men and any person who dies mysteriously, it will fall under the administrator, " he said. 

" We need to protect our elders. Let me see the actions. Every assistant chief must know the number of old people in their respective areas at their fingertips  " he added.

Goons have been murdering old people due to witchcraft. The allegations have been mounted on people with grey hair. That led to numerous killings across the county.

In 2020, more than 60 old people were killed in a similar circumstance that irked the regional boss.

Emmanuel Munyala Kaya elders chairman said they established two big centres where old people were being taken before they are murdered by their relatives for claims of practising Witchcraft.

The centres are Magarini centre and Kaya Godhoma in the Ganze constituency.

Renson Kambi, Marafa ward MCA urged people to protect their elders because they will also once become old.

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