Harmonize ex-wife Sarah Michelloti news photo


Harmonize ex-wife Sarah Michelloti reveals that Frida Kajala Masanja broke their love affair with her husband Harmonize in March 2020.

Harmonize alias Konde Boy was not returning home sometimes leaving him alone hurting and neglecting her emotions at home allege Sarah Michelloti.

 However, after she visited her family in Italy during the virus global outbreak, Sarah alleges that Harmonize moved on and started dating Kajala.

When she was away, no greetings or anything like" I Miss you" calls or texts were available.

From March to August, Sarah heard that Kajala was fully in love with Kajala.

" Harmonize said he cannot date older ladies. Only after four months, he moved on to Kajala and that was the end of me. He was also on another case involving a child, " she said.

" Before I move out, what we got when we were together must be sub-divided. We have not fully divorced, " she added.

Harmonize ex-wife Sarah Michelloti news photo

Now Sarah says she has not yet got a divorce, she claims a divorce will only come when they share all the property they have earned.

" I still miss my car. That car will have to get it before sharing the rest, " she said.

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