Kisumu County Government Willy Lugusa resigns over Beatrice Magolo assaults video


Kisumu County Government head of inspectorate  Willy Lugusa photo

The acting head of inspectorate at the Kisumu County Government Willy Lugusa resigns following an incident in which the local askaris assaulted and dragged a female hawker on the road in a bizarre drama.

Mr Lugusa presented his resignation letter to governor Anyang’ Nyongo dated March 26.

The event happened on March 24 and Mr Lugusa calls it unsociable, diabolical and against the rules of natural justice.

“I hereby take full responsibility for the acts committed thereto. I hereby extend my deepest regret to all the people of Kisumu County and the nation as a whole for this is not what the county government of Kisumu represents,” he said in the letter.

The former police commander had served numerous offices before he retired as a senior officer.

Nine askaris suspected to have been behind the assault were arraigned at the Kisumu Law Courts on Friday where they denied the charges and freed on Sh50,000 cash bail each.

They were taken to court over assaulting a city trader they had arrested for hawking oranges and lemons in the Central Business District(CBD).

The officials, who were caught on camera pulling Beatrice Magolo tarmac road last Wednesday, were arrested after the video went viral evoking an angry reaction from the public.

The woman was filmed hanging behind a speeding county pickup, with her lower limbs on the tarmac.

Behind in chase were boda boda riders who were hooting in protest of the act.

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